Theocracy will trump Democracy: if the GOP wins the Presidential election.

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2012 by blacklearner

As a christian I am one who is readily to speak about my faith and my convictions. Like all believers I feel compelled to give a straight answer on issues that pertain to abortion; homosexuality; and islamic fundamentalism. That being said, religion has very little place in politics. In the same way I expect others to respect my faith and its credence; I must respect the beliefs of others. To bad that this is not true for the leading candidates for the GOP presidential nomination. Mitt Romney, a mormon; and Rick Santorium, a staunch Catholic represent candidates that are more likely to govern with their religions beliefs more so than sound judgement. The issues at stake: women’s health-abortion and birth control; gay marriage; pornography; and others are issues based on morals not laws. If either candidate whens the election we may be looking at an entirely different America. What we might see: a slashing of repeals starting with Roe vs. Wade; Affirmative Action; birth control; immigration laws; financial laws; and other pertain laws affecting civil liberates. The divide between the rich and the poor is widening, and its is causing a complete fragmentation of  those who want to move forward and those that want to go backwards; whats unanimous is that no one is happy with the present-change is inevitable. 


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